In 2021 Fringe Mount Gambier is using Ticketebo.com.au as it’s official ticketing platform.

Ticketebo is free for event organisers, with free events being completely free, and paid events passing on a very small booking fee to consumers. It offers your own URL (no more randomly generated ugly codes), has a free ticket scanning app, customer service 7 days a week, is 100% Australian owned, has environmentally friendly ticketing solutions, and offers your patrons a payment plan with Open Pay.

To register:

First you will need to register your event with Ticketebo. Please note this is for your TICKETING, and once completed you will then also need to register with Fringe Mount Gambier to be part of our festival program once you have your Ticketebo URL.

Start your Ticketebo registration here:

Under “Other Important Information” let them know you’re part of Fringe Mount Gambier.

Then you’ll be sent an Event Brief to complete with all of your event details. As part of this process there are a series of graphics to upload, some of which we have provided for you below. RIGHT CLICK EACH IMAGE AND COPY LINK ADDRESS TO SEND TO TICKETEBO.

Header image:

This is where you provide your own event image. A photo is best. This doesn’t need to have Fringe Mount Gambier on it, this is just to depict YOUR EVENT.

Please provide your own header image (jpeg, 72dpi, 918 pixels wide).

Background image:

This background image will be used for all Fringe Mount Gambier events.

Organiser logo:

If you do not have your own, please use Fringe Mount Gambier’s logo.

(Please note this is the logo to use for Ticketebo, but if you need more logo options for your posters and posts etc, please find a variety here.)

Advert on Ticket:

Once you have received confirmation that your Ticketebo page is online, then you must complete the Fringe Mount Gambier registration in order to be part of our festival program.

Please do so via the link below and thank you for becoming part of SA’s largest regional open access festival!